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Welcome to my Delphi page, Yes I know there are a lot of pages around but

I'd like to bring together people from India and Asia. Perhaps people around

The world would like to know about programmers from this side of the world.

Please send me anything you would like to contribute to this page , that

Includes Links to your sites, tips and snippets of code.

I don't claim to be an authority on Delphi, So if you feel you're better than I am,

You probably are!..

Delphi Tips:

You can drag and drop several things in Delphi,

Drop the fields onto a form and they turn into labels and DBEdit boxes! Try it!


Try installing them into a new palette and then in configure palette goto 'All'

And drag and drop them into anther palette like Samples.


Send me some more tips, which I will post on this page.