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Says Who?...Here is what two of the World's best Guitar Magazines have to say about Chris
"Harp Harmonics,two-handed tapping,melodically inventive,with impressive
near-atonal tapping.."
      GUITAR PLAYER -October 1991
"Chris incorporates as many different styles into his music as he can-Bebop dissonance,
jazzy chord changes,soulful melodicism,even powerchords.Combined with his stunning two handed technique,Chris's eclecticism makes for a refreshing and unique guitar style."
   GUITAR WORLD-August 1992

Chris featured in the 4th annual sound-page competition held by Guitar Player and in the Hometown Heroes column in Guitar World,both major achievements,
but that's not the last you've heard of him,believe me!
Although Chris started at the late age of 17, he soon caught up by practising 8 hours a day,helped by his father,who is one of the most respected guitar instructors in the city.
   "Playing the guitar is a state of mind.I'm thinking music 24 hours a day" says Chris.He cites Jimi Hendrix ,Django Reindhardt,Lenny Breau,John Coltrane, Allman Brothers Band as his influences,the artist who had the biggest impact on Chris's playing is Larry Coryell.
    "I met Larry when he performed in Bombay in 1985.He showed me how to play harp harmonics,and it changed my life.From then on I decided to concentrate on harp harmonics."
   He is not into main stream Rock but he does take tips from a good song or two. Chris uses Ibanez guitars especially his Ibanez Universe 7 string & the Ibanez Jem 77.He has a custom carved wood finish guitar with flat wound strings which he uses for his slide playing.
Chris's antics on stage are reminiscent of Jimi Hendix.. Guitar behind his back(with harmonics),
playing with his tongue and demonic wah playing.In fact there is more of Hendrix in him than he is ready to admit. One of his friends says that Chris's style of playing reminds him of Hendrix...
Chris is at the present composing new material along with giving guitar lessons in Bombay & Goa. Two of his best songs are:
JOURNEY- An instrumental rock ballad in the mixolydian mode,the opening melody brings out his harp harmonics, the mode lending a bluesy feel. The bridge comprises mainly of eight finger tapping(wow..!) giving it a jazzy feel bringing to mind elements of Coltrane.In short the piece is Chris Bismark meets Lenny Breau at a John Coltrane festival.
TRINITY-This one is dedicated to GOD !. Chris wrote this song as a thanksgiving for his God-given talent. This piece is avant-garde stuff. As enigmatic and mysterious as the 'ONE' above.....  
Chris is also looking for sponsors to fund his advanced musical studies in GIT..If anyone is interested please write to Chris.
Remember if it wasn't for Chas Chandler(Animals), a person called Jimi Hendrix would have been a relative stranger.
Chris would like to hear from you ..
You can E-Mail Chris at -
Although it would be better to write to him at his home address:
Chris Bismark
New Light F-1
South Avenue,Khar,
PIN-400 052.
Phone: 91(for India)-022(for Bombay)-6498009
Chris is presently in Goa at:
House no 291,
Fondvem, Ribandar,
(Chris would welcome musicians and fans!)